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The Sony PSP is the most powerful handheld gaming platform currently on the market. But it is not only capable of running games. Its wide screen is very well suited for movie playback and it has the capabilities of playing audio with outstanding quality. Here are a couple of PSP software utilities which will help you bring your favourite songs and movies to you PSP.

The PSP also lends itself to other applications, such as viewing photos, watching videos, and playing music. Though these are definitely secondary uses for the PSP, they are no less good, as the PSP handles them well enough to be a serious consideration for anyone looking for a secondary media display device. In each instance, simply connecting the PSP to your PC with a 5-pin USB cord will let you drag files from your hard drive onto the PSP's Memory Stick. Pictures and music are fairly straightforward, while video is less so, requiring you to convert it to .mp4 format and set up a separate folder on the Memory Stick.

PSP Games

Both games and videos on PSP look absolutely fantastic. Of course, movies are one thing, but the PSP is primarily a game platform. You wouldn't think so, but games benefit from the PSP's hi-def screen moreso than films. Watching something like Wipeout Pure in motion is amazing; not only is the image in razor-sharp hi-definition, it's also widescreen, allowing a larger view of the playfield than ever before. Again, you'd think a 4.3-inch screen wouldn't capable of very much, but it just isn't so. Without a doubt, the PSP's screen is one of the greatest single innovations the handheld gaming world has ever seen.

PSP Videos Converters

Videos are the biggest pain in the arse, mainly because you have to do the most fiddling. Luckily, homebrew PSP programmers have already jumped to action, and there are already a number of PSP software apps available online which will let you drag 'n drop video onto your PSP with little or no trouble.

Good PSP software will allow you to Download, Copy And Transfer Full DVD Quality movies, video clips, music videos, and virtually anything else directly to your PSP! You can fit entire films on a 256-512 MB Pro Duo Card with ease! Whether you want to Download from the millions of FREE movies online or copy your own DVD collection, PSP X Play will plug you in! PSP X Play works with all formats including: AVI, MPEG, RM, WMV, MOV, MP4, MPEG4, XVID, DIVX, AC3, OGG, 3G.

PSP Video converters help you to convert PSP video/movies in only few clicks. The software converts DVD movies and various video formats to Sony PSP directly. PSP software converters are very easy to use and converting from DVD to PSP requires one or two steps. Moreover, some PSP converters give you advanced video editing features.

PSP Movie converters are also a PSP video management software. It connects to PSP and transfers video for you, automatically sets default PSP video filename, PSP video title and captures video thumbnail. Some PSP software, can capture PSP video thumbnail in the middle of preview/recording.

PSP Music

Music is a just drag your ATRAC (ech!) or .mp3 (yay!) music files onto the Memory Stick, and then navigate to them. One thing the PSP is not, however, is an have to set up folders for each group of tunes you want, though you can assign tracks to song groups and play them back at will. That said, the PSP's music playback functionality is great. The PSP comes with a decent set of earbuds and a remote extension allowing you to control the PSP's music functions without having to dig the unit out of your pocket. More importantly, it sounds great. If you know how to edit .wmu playlists, you can even assign thumbnail images to the tracks which will appear when you play back the tune on your PSP.

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